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SEIU Local 585 Dates of Certification and Employers
Source: Certifications in files of SEIU Local 585, Pittsburgh, PA.
Copies in UE/Labor Archives, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh.


Sort by Employer - Date of Certification - Election Date

Employer Date of Certification Election Date
Allegheny Valley School District 04-Dec-68 26-Nov-68
Deer Lakes School District 02-Oct-69 26-Sep-69
Armstrong School District 20-May-70 14-May-70
Churchill Area School District 21-Dec-70 NA
Highlands School District 21-Dec-70 NA
Canon-McMillan School District 03-Feb-71 26-Jan-71
Westmoreland, County of 09-Feb-71 2-Feb-71
Westmoreland, County of 09-Feb-71 2-Feb-71
New Kensington-Arnold School District 03-Mar-71 NA
Mount Pleasant Area School District 09-Mar-71 18-Feb-71
South Park School District 13-Mar-71 12-Mar-71
Fox Chapel Area School District 19-Mar-71 NA
Washington Area School District 22-Mar-71 9-Mar-71
Penn-Trafford School District 29-Mar-71 10-Mar-71
Cranberry School District 29-Mar-71 15-Mar-71
Kiski Area School District 30-Mar-71 18-Mar-71
Ellwood City School District 01-Apr-71 NA
Connellsville Area School District 12-Apr-71 1-Apr-71
Southmoreland School District 22-Apr-71 8-Apr-71
Burrell School District 11-May-71 22-Apr-71
White Oak Boro Authority 14-May-71 29-Apr-71
Leechburg Area School District 14-May-71 3-May-71
Borough of North Braddock 02-Jun-71 7-May-71
Allegheny County 07-Jun-71 21-May-71
Armstrong School District 09-Jun-71 25-May-71
West Mifflin Area School District 15-Jun-71 1-Jun-71
Franklin Area School District 17-Jun-71 3-Jun-71
Albert Gallatin Area School District 29-Jun-71 10-Jun-71
Avonworth School District 29-Jun-71 17-Jun-71
Portage Area School District 02-Jul-71 17-Jun-71
Keystone Oaks School District 07-Jul-71 24-Jun-71
Forest Hills School District 02-Aug-71 20-Jul-71
Carmichaels Area School District 09-Sep-71 NA
Washington, City of 05-Oct-71 NA
General Braddock School District 20-Oct-71 NA
Curry Memorial Home (Greene County) 08-Dec-71 9-Nov-71
Armsdale Home and Hospital (Armstrong County) 10-Dec-71 15-Nov-71
Butler Area School District 15-Dec-71 NA
California Area School District 03-Jan-72 NA
Butler, County of 04-Jan-72 22-Nov-71
Blair County Commissioners 03-Feb-72 19-Oct-71
Wilkinsburg Borough School District 15-Feb-72 27-Jan-72
Canon-McMillan School District 06-Apr-72 27-Mar-72
Plum Borough School District 26-Apr-72 NA
Indiana Township 28-Apr-72 11-Apr-72
Jefferson-Morgan School District 09-Jun-72 31-May-72
Greene County Memorial Hospital 27-Jun-72 16-Mar-72
Evergreen Convalescent Home, Inc. 25-Jul-72 NA
Peters Township School District 28-Jul-72 17-Jul-72
Blairsville-Saltsburg School District 10-Aug-72 7/21/1972
Westmoreland County (Court Related Employees) 25-Aug-72 14-Aug-72
Westmoreland County (Non-Court Related Employees) 25-Aug-72 14-Aug-72
Bentworth School District 10-Oct-72 25-Jul-72
Community College of Allegheny County 22-Nov-72 29-Sep-72
Allegheny, County of 28-Nov-72 18-Oct-72
Beaver, County of 08-Jan-73 25-Oct-72
Westmoreland, County of 03-May-73 25-Apr-73
Westmoreland, County of 08-May-73 25-Apr-73
West Jefferson Hills School District 13-Jul-73 15-Jun-73
Wilkinsburg, Borough of 19-Jul-73 9-Jul-73
Fayette, County of 20-Jul-73 11-Jul-73
White Oak Borough 06-Sep-73 28-Aug-73
Dubois Area Vocational-Technical School (Jefferson County) 18-Sep-73 NA
Armstrong School District 14-Feb-74 4-Feb-74
Westmoreland County (Court Related Employees) 22-Feb-74 14-Aug-72
West Jefferson Hills School District 28-Feb-74 21-Feb-74
Uniontown Area School District 13-Jun-74 4-Jun-74
West Jefferson Hills School District 14-Nov-74 29-Oct-74
Beaver County Commissioners 22-Nov-74 15-Nov-74
Trinity Area School District 05-Dec-74 18-Nov-74
Ellwood City School District 29-Feb-75 6-Feb-75
Greater Latrobe School District 29-May-75 22-May-75
Apollo-Ridge School District 17-Jul-75 2-Jul-75
North Hills School District 01-Jul-76 21-Jun-76
Armstrong School District 16-Nov-76 9-Sep-76
Point Park College 24-Jun-77 NA
Avella Area School District 06-Oct-77 27-Sep-77
Henry Clay Frick Community Hospital 08-Nov-77 17-Jun-77
Fayette County Vocational-Technical School 11-Aug-78 NA
Pennsylvania Association for Retarded Citizens, Inc. (Butler Co. Chapter) 22-Sep-78 8-Nov-78
Washington, County of 05-Feb-79 NA
Washington, County of 05-Feb-79 NA
Saga Food Service of Pennsylvania, Inc. 29-Feb-79 8-Feb-79
Butler, County of 27-Aug-79 31-Jul-79
Butler, County of 19-Sep-79 NA
Key Management Services, Inc. 01-Oct-79 NA
Hopewell, Township of 12-Oct-79 4-Oct-79
North Hills School District 27-Nov-79 14-Nov-79
Butler, County of 29-Jan-80 11-Jan-80
Butler, County of 29-Jan-80 11-Jan-80
South Butler School District 05-Feb-80 NA
Mt. Lebanon, Municipality of 11-Mar-80 27-Feb-80
Associated Cleaning Consultants and Services, Inc. 22-May-80 22-May-80
Beaver, County of 22-Jul-80 20-Jun-80
Castle Shannon, Borough of 05-Jan-81 5-Dec-80
Canon-McMillan School District 24-Apr-81 31-Mar-81
Edgewood, Borough of 26-Jun-81 29-May-81
Brownsville Area School District 24-Sep-81 31-Aug-81
Rochester, Borough of 22-Oct-81 7-Oct-81
General Staff Nurses Association of McKeesport Hospital 06-Nov-81 NA
Building Services, Inc. (St. Moritz Building Services, Inc.) 01-Jun-82 NA
Woodland Hills School District 05-Nov-82 19-Nov-81
Greene, County of 18-Nov-82 5-Nov-82
Greene, County of 18-Nov-82 5-Nov-82
Greene, County of 18-Nov-82 5-Nov-82
Peters Township School District 02-May-85 19-Apr-85
North Park Manor (Beverly Enterprises) 20-Oct-86 NA
Building Systems Management, Inc. 11-Aug-87 NA
Service America Corporation 17-Feb-88 22-Sep-87
Murray Manor Convalescent Center (Beverly Enterprises) 23-May-88 NA
Washington Communities Mental Health/Mental Retardation Center, Inc. 23-Dec-88 NA
Baldock Health Care Center (Baldock Assoc.) 26-May-89 NA
Harmon House Convalescent Center and Personal Care Residence (Mt. Pleasant Properties) 16-Oct-89 NA
North Allegheny School District 28-Feb-90 16-Feb-90
Greensburg Home of the Presbytery Redstone 11-May-90 NA
Laurel Wood Convalescent (1086 Real Estate, Inc. and Grane Associates, Partners) 27-Aug-90 NA
Franklin Care Center (Meritcare, Inc.) 28-Jan-91 NA
Beaver, County of 01-Oct-91  
Westmoreland, County of 04-Feb-92 NA
Valley View Nursing Home (Columbia East Corporation) 30-Nov-92 NA
Sherwood Oaks (Pittsburgh Lifetime Care Community) 29-Apr-93 12-Nov-92
Beaver, County of 19-May-93 4-May-93
Beaver, County of 19-May-93 4-May-93
Uniontown Area School District 05-Aug-93 24-Jun-93
Greene County Memorial Hospital 15-Oct-93 NA
Presbyterian Association on Aging, Washington Div. 29-Dec-93 NA
Presbyterian Association on Aging, Washington Div. 29-Dec-93 NA
Custom Management Corporation of PA 23-Feb-94 NA
Grandview Health Care Center (Beverly Enterprises) 11-Mar-94 NA
Allegheny County Housing Authority 23-Oct-95 12-Oct-95
Kade Nursing Home (Briarcliff Nursing Center Associates) 13-Nov-95 22-Aug-95
Silver Oaks Nursing Center (Overlook Nursing Center Associates) 13-Nov-95 25-Aug-95
Central Blood Bank 06-Oct-97 NA
Haida Manor (Beverly Health and Rehabilitation Services, Inc. subsidiary Beverly Enterprises) 21-Oct-97 NA
Monroeville, Municipality of 22-Jan-98 8-Jan-98
Pittsburgh, City of 02-Jun-98 NA
Altoona Hospital Center for Nursing Care and Amber Terrace (Nittany Manor Care Associates, A Partnership = Grane Health Care, Inc. & Lexington III, Inc.) 19-Aug-98 NA
Correctional Healthcare Solutions, Inc. 30-Nov-98 NA
Northwestern Human Services of PA, Inc. 03-Mar-99 NA
Chicora Medical Center (Limited Partnership - Sugar Creek Rest, Inc., General Partner; Phillip E. Tack, Kenneth R. Tack, Jr., Steven D. Tack, Matthew P. Tack, Limited Partners) 05-Oct-99 NA
Shade-Central City School District 12-Jun-00 1-May-00
Pennsylvania Association for Retarded Citizens, Inc. (Fayette Co. Chapter) ?? NA
Butler County Commissioners NA 11-May-79
Job Training for Beaver County NA 25-Aug-95
Allegheny County NA NA