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The Finding Aid for the records of the Pittsburgh Musicians Union Local 60-471 1906-1967 (bulk 1911-1951)

*Finding Aid for collection 97:41 was prepared by John Fitzgerald, August 1, 1998*

Descriptive Summary

Title: Pittsburgh Musicians Union Local 60-471

Extent: 13 linear ft.

Repository: Archives of Industrial Society
Archives Service Center-University of Pittsburgh

Scope and Content Note

Unbound materials in the collection are arranged alphabetically by series. The unbound materials of the A.F. of M. are grouped together under that organizational name, which are also arranged alphabetically by series. Bound materials and special formats are hierarchically arranged by series from general to specific information content.

The series are described according to the originating body of the records. This done to illustrate the independence of both Local 60 and Local 471 before their consolidation in 1966. Series produced by the A.F. of M. are described separately as well. The series will be described under Local 60, Local 471, Local 60-471, and the A.F. of M. Some series descriptions will be repeated under each organization since each produced similar types of records.

Local 60

Constitution and By-Laws
This series contains important information about the mission, structure and governance of Local 60. The constitution and by-laws include information about the duties of officers and committees, qualifications for membership, duties of members, elections, trials, and rules of order. Changes to the by-laws were often printed in slip form for union members to use until an updated version of the constitution and by-laws was issued. Changes were often noted first in the minutes of the Executive Board and then the minutes of the General Membership. Updates were also placed in the monthly newsletter that was sent to all members of the local.

Minutes, Executive Board and Theatrical Commission 1906-1965
The Executive Board is the primary governing body of Local 60. It consists of the president, vice president, secretary-treasurer and elected board members. The main responsibility of the Theatrical Commission was to establish wage scales and regulate services for member musicians employed in local theaters. The Theatrical Commission was eventually abolished in 1935 and the duties were absorbed by the Executive committee. The Executive Board and Theatrical Commission met weekly to perform the general housekeeping functions of the union as well as specific duties. The specific duties included acceptance and rejection of applications, changes and additions to the by-Laws, determination of wage scales, approve contracts, and settle disputes. Disputes were cases against members, members against members, or cases against local businesses. Trials were also held to determine the outcome of such cases.
The minutes were handwritten until 1909 when typewritten notes were begun. Researchers interested the merger of Local 60 with Local 471 can find special minutes relating to those meetings in the Executive Board minutes for the year 1965. Unfortunately, minutes prior to 1906 are assumed to be lost.

Minutes, General Membership Meetings 1911-1951
General Membership meetings were on about a monthly basis until 1934 when they started to be held four times a year. The minutes often reflect a consolidation of the previous meetings of the Executive Board. The general membership meeting were held to update membership on the issues and finances of the union. It was also a chance for members to voice their opinions and concerns to the officers and the board which were recorded in the General Membership minutes. Minutes after 1951 are still in possession of Local 60-471.

Immigration Registration Book 1916-1934
The Immigrant Registration book was started in order to record that immigrant members of Local 60 were U.S. citizens. The handwritten entries contain a lot of information about those that registered. Almost all entries include the musician's name, country of birth, the court that issued naturalization/citizenship papers, petition number, and date the papers were issued. Sometimes the instrument that the member played was included. The entries were discontinued in 1934 for reasons that are unknown.

Publications 1917-1965
A monthly newsletter was published and sent to all members of the union. The starting date of the newsletter is unknown. The first title of the newsletter was The President's Letter. The title of the newsletter changed over the years to The Musicians' Journal (1925), the Official Journal: Local 60, A.F. of M., Pittsburgh Musical Society (1933), and then to the Pittsburgh Musician (1949). The publications informed the members about upcoming meetings and agendas, transfers of new and outgoing members, memorials to members who died, and articles concerning issues of political interest to the union. An unfair list was often published. Union member were not allowed to accept engagements from the individuals and businesses that were listed. Each issued often included a column from the Local 60's president as well as a report from the secretary-treasurer.

Motion Pictures, 16mm 1944-1963
The reel films are in both color and black and white. The original numbers assigned to the films were used. New numbers were used once the original numbers ended. This is noted in the container list. The content of the films as not been viewed to date and their time length is unknown. It is also not known if the names Streib and Buddy Murphy are individuals or companies that shot the film. The film type is Kodak Safety Film.

Directories 1928, 1956, 1964
The directories offer a variety of information about the members of the local. Each has a list of officers and board members in office the year that the directories were published. Each member of the local was listed alphabetically by name. Each members address, phone number, and the instrument(s) they played were also listed.

Price Lists 1920, 1945-46
The price lists include the per day/event price for musicians and conductors for various types of private and public events. An example of the types of events include amateur and professional baseball games, weddings, funerals, carnivals, church services, and holiday events.

Programs 1924(?), 1931, 1962
The individual programs offer a variety of pictures and information about Local 60 for the years that the programs were printed. Photos of past presidents, conductors and various bands can be found. Information on the type of music that was played is also found. Advertisements show the variety of music stores that were in business in the city of Pittsburgh. The program for the 1962 Annual Convention held in Pittsburgh is also unique. Since it was co-hosted by Locals 60 and 471, photos of the officers of each local are included in the program.

Only one photograph is included in this series. The band is assumed to be comprised of Local 60 members but only a few individuals in the photo are identified by name.

Sample Ballots 1925-1965
The sample ballots are examples of the ballots used to elect officers and board members of Local 60. It provides names of the candidates running for the various positions throughout the years. Elections of delegates to the annual A.F. of M convention were also elected as well as delegates to the Allegheny Labor Council.

Dues Cards 1914-1923; 1925-1937; 1939-1948; 1951-1964
The dues cards are of one member of Local 60, Richard Sladek. They provide an example of the information contained on the cards as well as how the actual card form changes throughout the years. Dues were paid quarterly and the card was stamped when each quarterly due was paid in full.

This series contains an 1949 issue of the Carnegie Alumnus and a letter from the editor of the publication. A photo was requested of a Carnegie alum who was a member of Local 60 by the alumni staff at Carnegie Mellon.

Local 471

Materials for Local 471 are scarce and many may have been lost after the merger with Local 60 in 1966. Those interested in more information about Local 471 should also consult the oral history project of the African-American Jazz Preservation Society of Pittsburgh (accession number 98:4).

Constitution and By-Laws 1955
See the description for the same series under Local 60. There are very few differences in the constitution and by-laws of Local 471.

Membership Cards
The membership cards offer the most information available about the various members of Local 471. Memberships go back as far as the 1930's and were updated until the merger with Local 60 in 1966. The membership cards include the individuals name, address, types of instruments played, starting dates and last dates of membership. Notes are also included on some members and vary in the information provided. Examples include entries denoting past officers, other instruments played, and membership status. A spreadsheet is available on all the membership cards and is available from the archivist. A code was developed by the archive to indicate the status of each member. The code is available with the spreadsheet and is as follows:
A=Members in good standing at merge time, 1965
B=Suspended or reinstated members in 1965
C=Non-financial suspended or "erased" (expelled) members
D=Honor Roll, members serving in the armed forces treated as in good standing
E=Resigned members
F=Paid on application

Only one photograph is available of Local 471. The members are unidentified but is suspected of containing several officers of Local 471 circa 1955.

Local 60-471 1966-1996
Executive Minutes after March 1967, General Membership Minutes after March 1951, and Newsletters after January 1965 are still retained by Local 60-471. Additional items are expected to be accessioned as they are released by Local 60-471

Agreements 1966-1993
The agreements in these series are for and on behalf of the Pittsburgh Orchestra by Local 60-471. The agreements include the contract period, services provided, benefits, concerts number and time of rehearsals and other elements.

Constitution and By-Laws 1969, 1980
See series description under Local 60.

Directories 1967, 1972, 1975, 1980, 1985, 1988, 1991, 1993, 1995-96
See series description under Local 60.

Sample Ballots 1966-1968
See series description under Local 60.

American Federation of Musicians (A.F. of M.)

Agreements 1972-1976
The agreement include negotiations between the A.F. of M. in relation to various industries in which A.F. of M. on the behalf of members employed in those industries. Examples of the agreements include various music, film, and television industries.

Constitutions and By-Laws 1924, 1980, 1987, 1991, 1993, 1995
This series is similar to the constitution and by-laws of the locals but focuses on the A.F. of M. and its governance of the locals under its organization.

List of Locals 1993, 1995, 1996
This series lists the address of every active local of the A.F. of M. It includes the address, telephone number, officers, and hours of operation.

Symphony Wage Scales
This series is a publication of wage scales for musicians in various cities throughout the U.S. and Canada.

Other Publications
This series includes publications concerning various A.F. of M. affairs. Examples include recommendations, an annual report, and a local work dues booklet

Other Labor Organizations

Constitutions and By-Laws
This series contains information similar to the local constitution and by-laws. It includes the Pennsylvania AFL-CIO and the Allegheny County Labor Council in which a member of 60-471 was elected to serve a term.