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Pittsburgh Central Labor Union

ASC Holds: Minute Books 1929-59, Attendance Book 1943-1951, Dues Book 1937-38, Receipt and Expense Books 1938-57.

Executive Board
Executive Board, Officers and Staff, Pittsburgh Central Labor Union - 1951

      The Pittsburgh Central Labor Union, A.F. of L., was founded on Sunday October 20, 1901, in a meeting at the Grand Army of the Republic Hall, 238 Fourth Avenue in Pittsburgh, PA.  Like other "central labor bodies," the Pittsburgh Central Labor Union represented an attempt, in the interest of labor unity, to coordinate the activities of disparate member unions or affiliates with regard to such matters a political endorsements, promotion of the union label, and organization of labor day parades and demonstrations.  Building trades workers, garment workers, steel workers, and the whole gamut of labor union members could and did participate in the Central Labor Union's activities.
          The Central Labor Union went through several name changes over the years.  "Iron City Central Trades Council (ICCTC)" was the name it was mostly known by into the 1920's.  "Pittsburgh Central Labor Union" was used after 1925(?).  The PCLU name persisted into the 1960's when a merger of four central labor bodies including the PCLU -- following on the heels of the national and statewide mergers of the A.F. of L. and the C.I.O. -- created the current Allegheny County Labor Council (ACLC).
         Aspects of the Central Labor Union activities are included in the links below along with specific information regarding each of the predecessor organizations of the current Central Labor Union (ACLC).

Note: Names and positions in photograph were copied from the Golden Anniversary of the Pittsburgh Central Labor Union American Federation of Labor program, pgs. 30-31. Thus the author of this page takes no responsibility outside the range of a typographical error for the misspelling or misrepresentation of figures presented here.  Click here for a page with photo and names displayed simultaneously.