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Worker Groups: Women

Coalition of Labor Union Women 1991 Biennial Convention Buckle

"How can you separate, at that period in history, anyway, how can you separate the issues? The men and women issues? I can't separate them. I'm not putting it right. In other words, how could you have, when everything was so bad, how could you have raised something, other than the question of 'equal pay for equal work', at that time, separate from the men. As a separate issue. You know, "alone" for the women."
--Margaret Darin in a 1977 interview with Ron Schatz

"Brave Women Strike For Living Wage:  Ferguson & Levin's Employes Rebel..."
Newspaper Article from Iron City Trades Journal, September 11, 1908
Fannie Sellins Investigation and Verdict Documents - 1919
"During a tense confrontation ... Fannie Sellins and miner Joseph Starzelski were brutally gunned down."
Margaret Darin - Union Pioneer in Westinghouse (1930's)
Informational page about Darin and includes the Bryn Mawr Summer School for women workers
Women in the Steel Mills During WWII
Sample National Tube Employment Cards
UE District 6 Women's Conference - 1943
The Years of the Consent Decree:  "Snappy Answers to Stupid Questions"
"Some hints for women in the mills for getting through the verbal abuse."
PA. AFL-CIO Votes to Support Formation of CLUW March 29, 1974
Coalition of Labor Union Women
Rosemary Trump - Union Organizer