Timeline of NCJW Oral History Achievements Banner
A Gift from the Past to the Children of the Future
Oral History I: Pittsburgh’s NCJW embarked on an exciting and innovative Oral History project.  Trained volunteer interviewers tape-recorded the immigrant experiences of Jewish men and women who came from Eastern Europe between 1890 and 1924.
By Myself I'm A Book was published based upon the recorded stories of the Jewish immigrants who settled in Pittsburgh.
Oral History II documented histories of Pittsburgh’s Jewish men and women who made contributions locally, nationally, or internationally.
“Viewing our Past”, a slide show depicting a composite respondent, is developed and presented to the national Oral History Colloquium in Jackson Hole, WY.
"Bridges to History", a 26-minute documentary film, written and produced by NCJW for the national meeting of the American Jewish Historical Society, described the impetus for our projects and highlighted information from interviews with our respondents.
My Voice Was Heard was published, describing the contributions and impact Jewish men and women interviewed from 1974-1979 made to the development of our community, nation and Israel.
PA Endowment for the Humanities grant enabled NCJW team to teach high school social studies teachers and supervisors how to develop an oral history project using the community as a social laboratory.
"Partners in Creation", a pamphlet for discussion leaders, was designed as a curriculum guide to My Voice Was Heard.
Roots of Jewish Values, a study group course explores the link between our Jewish heritage and our family values in contemporary times.  The basis for discussion centered on materials from My Voice Was Heard.
“Access to an Oral History Collection”, computer accessible indices and guide to interviews from Oral History II (1971-91) were created funded partially by a grant from PA Historical and Museum Commission.
“Pittsburgh and Beyond”, published computer accessible abstracts and indices to Oral History I and an overall directory to Oral History I and II created with funding  from the NCJW Dorothy Blumenthal bequest.  Tapes and archival materials from NCJW Oral History Projects are stored at the Archives Service Center, University Library System, University of Pittsburgh.
“Bridges to the Future”, a documentary film describing our 38-year project, was developed and produced for presentation to an international audience at the national Oral History Colloquium, Philadelphia, PA.
A World-Wide-Web page was first established for our NCJW Jewish Oral History Project
“Voices and Choices”, an adult education course, was piloted to show the relevance of Jewish values based on information in the vast oral history collection; funding was provided by UJF and Rauh Foundations.
Pittsburgh and Beyond updated to include interviews conducted from 1994-2001 published and distributed worldwide as one compendium.
“In Their Own Words: Opportunities and Choices of Life in America”, 6-week course based on the NCJW oral histories was revised and greatly expanded. It was presented at Osher’s Lifelong Learning Centers at both University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University.
Archivist from the Archives Service Center, University Library System, University of Pittsburgh, repository of NCJW’s Oral History collection, showcases NCJW project at 42nd Oral History Colloquium, Pittsburgh, PA.
Chancellor of the University of Pittsburgh Mark Nordenberg and Rush Miller, Director of the University Library System, showcased the total collection of 516 oral history interviews dating from 1968 to 2001 at a celebration held at the University Club and sponsored by the University Library System. The Archives Service Center digitized the NCJW Oral History tapes which can be accessed worldwide on the web.
Oral History paper records are organized and prepared for deposit to be part of the NCJW collection at the Archives Service Center, University Library System, University of Pittsburgh.