The Barry Rosensteel Japanese Print Collection was donated to the University of Pittsburgh in 2008 by Mr. and Mrs. Barry Rosensteel.  The collection consists of 126 wood block prints.  While the earliest print dates to 1760, most of the prints were produced in the 1800s, while others were created in the 1900s. The work of over forty artists is represented in the collection. 

The images portray Japanese culture through detailed depictions of portraits, landscapes, wildlife and theatrical performances, taking into account some of Japan’s rich history. The prints were produced with high-quality paper. Vegetative color pigments, and, in some cases, ground precious metals, were used as part of the creative process. 

The images selected for digitization constitute a significant portion of the total collection.  The entire collection is preserved and managed in the Archives & Special Collections of the University Library System, where all of the original prints are available for research and scholarly studies.