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USX National Defense Program
Identification Card Listings - 1940's Series

(Source: UE/Labor 91:6, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh.)

    In the 1940's, workers at US Steel's National Works (sometimes known as the Tube Works) in McKeesport, were photographed for identification cards, which also provide social data on individual workers. The Archives Service Center is hereby making available a name index to its collection of these cards, numbering more than 10,000 in all, approximately 25% of which contain the abovementioned thumb-nail sized photographs. The social data on the cards have thus far been used for a variety of scholarly research projects: e.g. for a study and oral history on women crane operators at the National Works during WWII and for a book on Jews of Hungarian background who worked there.
    By combining cards belonging to members of a given, defined group, one can form conclusions about the connections between race/ethnicity and job classification or promotion, or about the geographic origins of selected groups. For example to learn about African-American women workers during World War II, type BF (for black female) and click through the index. Similarly, for nationality groups, try searching "Czech," "Italy" or "Mexico."  For large searches you may click on the 'view entire list' link so that you can have access to the entire alphabetical list.

Card TN
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Example:  Masko, George (last/first name) 14188 (check number) Czechoslovakia (birth place) WM (race/gender code = white/male) laborer (position applied for)

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Abers, Frank 29280 Elizabeth WM labor

Abraham, Catherine 103 McKeepsort WF labor

Abraham, Martha 27300 Canonsburg WF crane oper

Abraham, Philip 14284 Warren, Ohio WM straightener

Abrams, Lillie 1101 McKeesport WF clerk

Achtzehn, Otto 14037 Suttersville WM straightener

Ache, Samuel 11485 Uniontown WM welder

Ackard, LaVerne 25094 McKeesport WF crane oper

Ackerberg, John 20130 Sweden WM helper

Ackerman, Alan 13190 McKeesport WM labor

Ackerman, Carl 33131 Berlin WM labor

Ackerman, Earl 6162 McKeesport WM mach oper

Ackerman, Elmer 18182 Whitaker WM craneman

Ackerman, Thomas 17234 Homestead WM time observer

Acklin, Guy 1053 Waynesburg WM test carrier

Ackron, James 2058 Kentucky BM switchman

Acosta, Jose 6215 Mexico WM chipper

Adam, Fred 31711 McKeesport WM labor

Adam, Julius 29348 McKeesport WM labor

Adams, Annabelle 6189 McKeesport WF burner

Adams, Curtis 32340 Canonsburg BM labor

Adams, Harry 31042 Keystone WM millwright

Adams, Harry V 31275 McKeesport WM labor

Adams, Henry W 1035 Ansley,Alabama BM labor

Adams, Joseph McKeesport WM labor

Adams, Lorraine 32452 Bell Vernon WF labor

Adams, Louis 31460 S.Carolina BM labor

Adams, Orlando 322 Louisiana WM super.

Adams, Ralph 526 Cario, W Va WM foreman

Adams, Robert 29157 Duquesne WM labor

Adams, Walter 27018 Clairton WM millwright

Adams, William 19045 W. Elizabeth WM rigger

Adamczyk, Wanda 32151 Donora WF labor

Adamovich, Louis 29477 Baxter, W Va WM millwright

Adhemar, Maurice 70 Youngstown,Oh WM personnell mgr.

Adkins, Eddie 26265 Tennessee WM fusion welder

Adkins, Ernest 13617 Kentucky WM labor

Adkins, Eva 33005 Bell Vernon WF labor

Adornetto, John 7158 Italy WM labor

Agostini, Merceda 32543 Italy WF labor

Aguerra, Anicia 30048 Mexico WM window cleaner

Ahlgren, Arthur 24020 McKeesport WM pattern maker

Ahwesh, Ruth 32294 Canonsburg WF labor

Aigner, John 7140 Pgh WM millwright

Akerberg, Charles 8026 McKeesport WM piercer oper

Akerberg, Rodney 11011 McKeesport WM clerk

Akerwall, Charles 18067 McKeesport WM machinist

Akins, Virgil 25209 St Paul, Minn BM crane oper

Albensi, August 15157 Italy WM coupling spinner

Alberts, Glenn 12178 Dravosburg WM labor

Alberts, Woodrow 6288 Dravosburg WM chipper

Albine, Alice 6258 McKeesport WF steel chaser

Albine, Earl 26151 W Virginia WM fusion welder

Albine, Vernon 26119 W Virginia WM elec. appr.

Alderin, Edwin 6829 McKeesport WM

Alford, Ozie 32710 Cuthbert, Ga BF labor

Alford, Sidney 29986 Alabama BM bricklayer

Alison, Phillip 5028 Jamestown, NY WM millwright

Allan, James 1025 Jefferson Twp WM payroll

Allen, Daniel 143 Sagamore WM payroll

Allen, Edgar 27113 McKeesport WM crane oper

Allen, Edward 26021 McKeesport WM fusion welder

Allen, Elmer 27152 McKeesport WM crane oper

Allen, Harry H 14067 McKeesport WM welder

Allen, Harry W 27012 McKeesport WM repairman

Allen, Howard 23030 McKeesport WM acetylene welder

Allen, Howard R 23004 McKeesport WM acetylene welder

Allen, John 28218 Frank WM labor

Allen, Leona 28029 Braddock WF labor

Allen, Linverd 1313 Greenville,NC WM labor

Alen, Rose 11197 McKeesport WF labor

Allen Virginia 9087 New Alexandria WF grinder

Allen, Walter 13614 Arkansas BM crane follower

Allenbaugh, Wesley 18123 Irwin WM machinist

Allison, George 2063 Pgh WM student eng

Allison, James 41819 McKeesport WM

Alloway, Alfie 17051 Imperial WF janitor

Allshouse, David 18151 Lawrence Co WM rigger

Allshouse, George 10145 New Castle WM labor

Allshouse, Theresa 32539 New Castle WF labor

Allsopp, LaVerne 31829 Duquesne WF labor

Almasi, Andrew 8412 W Leiseuring WM millwright

Alsko, Anna 33135 Washington WF labor

Altmeyer, Evelyn McKeesport WF comp oper

Altmeyer, John 28009 McKeesport WF oiler

Altmiller, John 8266 Knoxville WM furnace inspector

Altmiller, John H McKeesport WM labor

Alton, Edward 154 Dravosburg WM watchman

Alverson, Harry 254 Ellington, NY WM field eng

Alund, Alfred 5093 McKeesport WM roller

Alund, George 27101 McKeesport WM crane oper

Alund, George Jr 11002 McKeesport WM clerk

Alund, Oscar 9082 McKeepsort WM cylinder grinder

Alvares, Ines 5141 Mexico WM scale wheeler

Amatangelo, Betty 32417 Donora WF labor

Ambro, Michael 30432 Austria WM labor

Ambrocik, John 29171 Cambridge, Oh WM carpenter help

Ambrose, Kenneth 25180 Cumberland, Md WM crane oper

Ambrosik, John 19151 Czechoslavakia WM rigger

Ambroziak, Andrew 6179 McKeesport WM scarfer

Amey, Earl 17286 New Jersey WM summer apprentice

Ammon, Adelbert 13016 McKeesport WM

Amos, Nina 32076 W Virginia WF labor

Amsler, Harry 19233 Johnstown, Pa WM bricklayer

Anastasoff, Evan 11308 Macedonia WM coupling man

Anater, Raymond 369 Cleveland, Oh WM gen foreman

Anater, Rudolph 8154 Glassport WM sinking wall oper

Anchak, Albert 25032 McKeesport WM elec repairman

Anchak, John 34521 McKeesport WM labor

Andera, Ethel 32474 Erie WF labor

Anderchek, John 13009 Czechoslavakia WM crane follower

Anderson, Allen 2043 S Carolina BM cinder pitman

Anderson, Arthur 1057 McKeesport WM payroll

Anderson, Axel 1124 Port Vue WM clerk

Anderson, Charles 23048 Sweden WM boilermaker

Anderson, Charles H 17264 Duquesne WM student eng

Anderson, Charles M 16095 Texas WM labor

Anderson, Charles 16095 McKeesport WM clerk

Anderson, Edward 31945 Braddock WM labor

Anderson, Edwin 8372 Pgh WM pipe fitter

Anderson, Edwin P 11004 Pgh WM pipe fitter

Anderson, Edwin P Jr 13542 Waynesburg WM

Anderson, Gustaf 31401 Finland WM labor

Anderson, Harry 476 McKeesport WM machinist

Anderson, Harry L 17010 Irwin WM engineer

Anderson, Helen 32895 Bellaire, Oh WF labor

Anderson, Henry 26026 W Virginia WM mech. power

Anderson, Herbert 38002 McKeesport WM time clerk

Anderson, Howard 11053 Zanesville, Oh WM inspector

Anderson, James 32896 W. Alexandria WM labor

Anderson, James B 26221 Dubois, Pa WM wireman

Anderson, James L 17226 Monongahela WM student eng

Anderson, James R 11486 Brasnell WM labor

Anderson, Janie 33003 Washington BF labor

Anderson, Jeanne 32093 Charleroi WF labor

Anderson, Joseph 19143 Atlantic City WM rigger

Anderson, Joseph Jr 16377 Braddock BM labor

Anderson, Julian 17164 Virginia BM janitor

Anderson, Kenneth 37028 Turtle Creek WM foreman

Anderson, Leonard 6259 Washington BM chipper

Anderson, Leonard 12404 Washington BM labor

Andersom, Mabel 1052 Sewickley Twp WF comptometer oper

Anderson, Margaret 40027 Toledo, Oh WF labor

Anderson, Milton 40378 McKeesport WM labor

Anderson, Robert 21045 McKeesport WM machinist

Anderson, Romaine, 33053 Washington BF labor

Andes, Margaret McKeesport WF

Andras, Joseph 17228 Acme WM spark tester

Andras, Michael 31015 Mt Pleasant WM blast furnace

Andrase, Steven 12406 McKeesport WM labor

Andrasy, Steve 15144 Hungary WM blowing scale

Andre, Anna 886 Lincoln Twp WF messenger

Andre, David 29817 Lincoln Twp WM labor

Andre, Wiiliam 16170

Andreadakis, Gianoula 31022 Italy WF labor

Andrejcak, Michael 29091 McKeesport WM labor

Andrejkanic, George 37053 Arella WM labor

Andrejko, Andy 5117 Czechoslavakia WM centerer

Andrejko, George 32486 McKeesport WM labor

Andrejko, Michael 30124 Czechoslavakia WM labor

Andreoli, Patrick 41811 Port Vue WM

Andresky, Josephine 15042 W Virginia WM inspector

Andrew, Charles 28179 Stonesburg WM crane oper

Andrew, Edwin 24071 Mifflin Twp WM painter

Andrew, William 16117 McKeesport WM labor

Andrews, Charles 30502 Johnstown WM labor

Andrews, George 29437 McKeesport WM labor

Andrino, James 11183 Czechoslavakia WM labor

Andrikanic, Majk 39009 Austria WM electro plating

Andy, Barbara 32808 Morton,W Va WF labor

Andy, Elizabeth 32807 W Virginia WF labor

Angel, Nicholas 14268 S America WM straightener

Angelcyk, Felix 29755 Blackburn WM labor

Angelo, Evelyn 26026 McKeesport WF welder

Angelo, Frank 30381 McKeesport WM shipping loader

Angino, Domenic 10014 Duquesne WM clerk

Anglum, John 14053 N Mexico WM roll setter

Angotti, Sam 1008 Elizabeth WM labor

Anitas, John 29663 Hungary WM labor

Ankrom, Robert 32372 Jefferson Twp WM labor

Annonio, Minnie 32843 Newell WF labor

Anselmo, Michele 29465 McKeesport WM labor

Anselmo, Paoli 29119 Italy WM asst pusher

Anselmo, Samuel 31660 McKeesport WM labor

Antczak, Joseph 6210 McKeesport WM peeler oper

Anthony, John 32723 Elizabeth WM labor

Anthony, Paul 29318 Glassport WM elec apprentice

Anthony, Waldo 11601 Connellsville WM

Anthony, Willis 29044 Jeffersonville BM labor

Antico, Frank 338 Italy WM student eng

Antico, John 29830 Glassport WM mach oper

Antico, Myren 17053 Freedom WM tracer

Anto, Frank 17266 Charleroi WM

Antoncic, Rudolph 7054 McKeesport WM

Antoncik, Roko 14112 Yugoslavia WM changer

Antonell, Anthony 18004 Italy WM pipe fitter

Antonelli, Joseph 29336 Glassport WM craneman

Antoniou, Kyriacos 12056 Turkey WM labor

Antrilli, Giovanni 31104 Italy WM labor

Anuszkiewecz, W R 387 McKeesport WM foreman

Anuszkiewicz, Robert 29880 McKeesport WM labor

Anzaldi, Willard 29688 Pgh WM craneman

Aparicio, Juan 38040 Spain WM trucker

Apfelthaler, harry 16148 Elizabeth WM laborer

Apostolou, Chas 29801 Cypress Island WM millwright

Appel, Carlo 27064 McKeesport WM craneman

Appel, Howard 14091 McKeesport WM saw oper

Apple, Milson 29597 W Virginia WM carpenter

Aquilante, Nickolas 6114 Glassport WM labor

Aranyos, John 26205 McKeesport WM elec. appr.

Ardianaa, Henry 36013 Italy WM repairman

Ardy, Margaret 40034 Austria WF labor

Arent, Ruth 32399 Surret WF labor

Arlia, Domenico 29778 Italy WM labor

Arlia, Peter 30419 Italy WM labor

Armstrong, Dexter 32581 Youngstown, Oh WM labor

Armstrong, Joseph 30 McKeesport WM foreman

Arnett, Charles 17159 Virginia BM janitor

Arnold, Harry 13081 Waynesburg WM labor

Arnold, James 19061 Kentucky BM oiler

Arnold, Milton 19373 Lebanon WM bricklayer

Aronson, Ted 29933 Illinois WM labor

Arosell, Arthur 36250 McKeesport WM maintenance

Arosell, John 2320 Sweden WM janitor

Arrington, Daniel 16378 Clairton BM labor

Arrington, Junius 6299 Clairton BM labor

Arrington, William 29099 Clairton BM labor

Arrington, William J 19120 Maryland WM repairman

Arthurs, Thomas 41785 McKeesport WM

Arvin, Charles 28212 W Virginia WM pipe fitter

Arvin, Edward 15119 McKeesport WM inspector

Arvin, Galard 15051 McKeesport WM inspector

Arvin, James 25070 McKeesport WM crane oper

Ashbaugh, Harry 33 McKeesport WM clerk

Ashcom, Charles 16309 Duquesne WM labor

Ashkettle, James 8139 McKeesport WM heater helper

Ashkittle, Vernon 30354 McKeesport WM loader

Ashton, Betty 80 Bunola WF stenographer

Ashton, James 23058 McKeesport WM clerk

Ashton, William Bunola WM labor

Askenase, Sam 18064 Pgh WM millwright

Assad, Andrew 2103 Grindstone WM labor

Aston, George 3002 Pgh WM stock

Atkinson, Delma 40332 Roscar WF labor

Atkinson, James 31417 Elizabeth WM labor

Atkinson, Laura 29832 Connellsvile WF labor

Atkinson, Robert 40070 Uniontown WM labor

Attinello, John 17285 New Jersey WM summer appr.

Auberle, Rose 25193 McKeesport WF crane oper

Austin, Albert 2045 McKeesport WM steel pourer

Austin, Albert Jr 26207 McKeesport WM elec. appr.

Austin, Clarence 8129 McKeesport WM reeler oper

Austin, Frank 6157 McKeesport WM inspector

Austin, George 5004 McKeesport WM manipulator

Austin, James 31155 McKeesport WM labor

Austin, James H 13038 McKeesport WM shipper

Austin, Joseph 28159 Ohio WM crane oper

Austin, Robert 25042 McKeesport WM millwright

Austin, Samuel 12077 McKeesport WM labor

Austin, William H 13042 McKeesport WM shot blast oper

Austin, William R 17268 Mckeesport WM summer apprentice

Axelson, Russell Dubois WM

Ayers, John 1252 McKeesport WM craneman

Ayers, William 9054 McKeesport WM grinder

Azorsky, Jeanne 79985 Pgh WF labor

Azzarello, Russ 18136 Jersey City,NJ WM machinist